Class Reunion 2001
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Jeannie Aubert
Mike Bicknell
Kim Bourgalt-Tierney
Tal Buset
Ann Collar
Eddie Conrad
Mike Davied
Mark Devoss
Scott Ellis
Tim Flagg
Pete Gallagher
Danny Gilmore
Teresa Golob-Caldwell
Reynia Isturian
Barbara Johnston-Schmidt
Greg Jones
Mike Main
Cheryl Martinous-Brooks
Jeff Merrell
Kathy Orender
Cathy Piccini-Minton
Jimmy Radell
Luis Ramirez
Janie Rhodes
Mike Ryan
Mike Usher
Suzie Vanbecelaere
Rusty Vanbecelaere
Mike Vanderhoofven
Todd Tierney
Alan Timmons
Bill Webber
David Younger
Welcome to COLGAN '81 Dot Com!

We're getting close. So far, I've heard from the following:
  • Dave Younger
  • Barbara Johnston
  • Ann Collar
  • Kathy Orender
  • Kim (Bourgalt) and Todd Tierney
  • Pete Gallagher
  • Susy Vanbecelaere
  • Alan Timmons
  • Tim Flagg
  • Jeannie Aubert
Here's who should be there on at least one night (*-means we haven't heard, but expect them there):
  • Dave Younger
  • Barbara Johnston
  • Ann Collar
  • Kathy Orender
  • Kim (Bourgalt) and Todd Tierney
  • Susy Vanbecelaere
  • Tim Flagg
  • Jeannie Aubert
  • Teresa Golob
  • Mike Main
  • Mike Bicknell
  • Mike Ryan
  • Cathy Piccini
  • Jim Radell
  • Rusty VanBecelaere
  • Mike Usher*
  • Cheryl Martinous*
If you plan to be involved, please let Mike Bicknell, Cathy Piccini-Minton, or Mike Main know.


The Reunion is pretty set, although we will still attempt to put together a round of golf in some order for Saturday.

Don't forget, if you have ideas on improving the site, let me know. And if you need an email address, let me know and I can set you one up at ""

Take care all. I look forward to seeing those of you that make it!

-- Mike Bicknell, Site Guy

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